Monday, January 31, 2011

Errbody in da club gettin... Is that guy doing the sprinkler?

So I've never been a big fan of clubs, or dancing, or dancing in clubs for that matter. But when I'm sitting home alone at 8pm on a Saturday night I can't exactly turn down an invitation.

After meeting up with everyone at a friend's place, we all packed in my buddy Sean's car and listened to 80's pop music the entire way to a club called Necto. I had been there once before for a Halloween party, but that was less of a dance and more of a "gawk at the scantily clad naughty-(Insert popculture figure here)". But the place is nice enough, and aside from the freakish abundance of creepy Armenian guys that can't help but hit on my female friends, has a decent turnout of interesting people. Including "epicbeardman v2.0" as Hillary dubbed him. A man that looks EXACTLY how I imagine epicbeardman looked in his younger years.

The first thing I noticed upon getting into the club was a mass of party balloons tied down around 3 tables of middle aged women. I assumed it was a birthday at first, but that idea evaporated the second that I saw a thirty something year old woman wearing a brides veil. A bachelorette party. Oshit.

After mingling around a bit and dancing with some Asian chicks that are barely as tall as my chest (Being 6'3 really has its disadvantages...), I found surrounded by a bunch of older women. I assumed that I had just drifted into a group of the women from the bachelorette party. Suspicions were confirmed when I found myself in a bridesmaid and bride to be sandwich. And I must say, as far as older women go, they were pretty damn good looking. Cheers to them.

2 hours of decent dubstep/DnB/Generic club music from MC Yoda and DJ Hardy and a lifetime of cheesy dance moves later, the gang and I were getting the hell out of Necto, and on to 7-11 for some slushies. After a night of dancing in a club that must have been well above 100 degrees inside, the cold winter Michigan air and a Mountain Dew slushie are the two greatest things in the entire world.

Song: Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
Something along the lines of what we were listening to on the way to Necto. Good ol' 80's dance music...


  1. ahh dubstep caught myself listening to this stuff lately.

  2. I hate dancing too. But when people ask me to go I can't but help go to have a better time than sitting at home bored as fuck.

  3. Never underestimate the power of older woman. Now that damn song is stuck in my head, and all I did was read the name.