Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What faggotry is this?!

So of course the exact minute I decide to start this blasted thing, the shitstorm of the century takes place and I have been dealing with the nonsense that came with it for the past week and haven't had five minutes to sit down and write something. Essentially, every aspect of my life decided to sequentially explode into overwhelming amounts of bullshit and faggotry.

But, as always, there is good in every situation. And while I may have been absolutely miserable for the past week, I have learned some very important life lessons.

First of all; the only women I am even remotely attracted to are vain, selfish, empty headed fleshbags. But hey, they're kinda cute, right?

Second of all; Eating Baconators every day is bad for you. REALLY, REALLY bad for you. Subsisting on fast food isn't looking like a viable option anymore and I kind of miss being in great shape. Hope you're ready for me, treadmill, because this fatty isn't jogging in the snow.

And lastly, and probably most importantly; I need a job. A REAL job. I'm not sure how I'll fit it in with my wonky class schedule, but It's going to have to happen. Days until Chris goes on a homicidal rampage after working a monotonous night shift: Approximately 75.

On a related side note- Blizzard is a company of cash guzzling vampires that won't be satisfied until I am broke and I'm scraping coins off of the Kroger parking lot for subscription money. I wish I were joking.

Song- Immaculate Misconception by Motionless in White

I'm pleasantly surprised by how much meaning these guys pack into their lyrics, and how varied their songs are. Too often these days are hardcore bands turning to uninspired, generic lyrics in between open fret breakdowns and it leaves much to be desired. These guys are a real breath of fresh air in the genre. I just wish I had heard of them sooner.


  1. I am attemtping not to lecture you on the offensive nature of the word "Fag". My dirty hippie liberal ways are fighting against my attempts so I will just say "There are other adjectives....like 'fuckery' and 'bullshittery'. You know, super sophisiticated adjectives".

    There you go.

  2. My apologies if I've prodded a sore spot, I wasn't aware that people were still upset over light hearted cussing.

    But I'll see if I can ease up on the fag word. It may be a good idea, considering that two of the three people that will actually actively read this blog are bi/gay.