Saturday, February 12, 2011


Look at me. You see this face? This is the face of a Patrick Rothfuss fanboy.

If you're not familiar with who he is, allow me to enlighten you! Patrick Rothfuss is the result of melding Jesus, Odin, The Ham Burglar, and Luke Skywalker into one brilliant author that radiates awesome and pisses greatness.
But seriously. He's the author of my favorite book, The Name of the Wind. It's a fantasy novel that breaks away from the generic snore-fest of dude finds magic sword, saves world. Oh, and there are dragons. Big ones. Roar. The characters are deep, complex, and dynamic. The plot is brilliant in its simplicity but is well paced and has a fantastic blend of meaningful character development and plot advancement. The system of magic that Rothfuss developed in this book is more akin to simple science and energy transfer than magic and it really makes for an interesting atmosphere. I would attempt to give some overview of the plot but I wouldn't be able to do it any justice.

Oh, and the book is only 30% as homosexual as the cover suggests.

NotW is the first book in a trilogy called "The King Killer Chronicles" and after an excruciating three year wait, the second book named "The Wise Man's Fear" is set to be released March 1st!

The long wait isn't due to any laziness on the author's part. As stated on his blog concerning the multiple release date push backs he said that over the course of writing the book he had a baby, lost a father, done charity work, been around to country touring, and revised the story too many times to count. I'm just glad that the damn thing is actually being released. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

After reading his blog for about a year he seems to be a very down to earth, fun guy and I really enjoy the articles he posts, whether they are about him getting banned from Tacto Bell or about his new baby Oot. You can check out his blog and such >>Here<<.

Unfortunately, I had food poisoning the day that Mr. Rothfuss came to Michigan and I wasn't able to make it to his reading/signing. Bawww.


The Dawn of War 2: Retribution open beta testing started a couple of days ago. If you're a fan of RTS games, Warhammer, or BEHEADING PUNY IMPERIAL GUARDSMAN IN THE NAME OF THE BLOOD GOD, then you should definitely check it out.

Also, Dubstep.

I'm not responsible for any subs blown by the drop in the second song of this mix. It's SO FUCKING HEAVY.


  1. i would check out that book but i seirously cant sit down and concentrate on reading. have fun reading the new one thats coming out!

  2. This is my favorite book of all time but no-one has ever heard of it. Thanks God the sequel is finally close.

  3. it looks good book but i hate reading and i feel boring

  4. I've been looking for a new fantasy book; I'll check it out next time I'm at the library.

    The cover makes me think of a Fabio romance novel, though.

  5. The book might be worth the checking out.

  6. Have you guys tried out audiobooks? I really enjoy listening to them when I work out/bike.

  7. I know a lot of people say it and don't mean it but I will definitely check this book out.

    I love a good fantasy story. Been a while since I've read a truly good one.

  8. Please do! Don't be discouraged by the first chapter or two. They will seem a bit bland, but they really set up a solid foundation.

  9. Loved Name of the Wind, eagerly awaiting Wise Man's Fear in March. Your looking at like the big fantasy nerd ever (of good fantasy anyway, no cliche black and white good v evil kiddie crap)

  10. I'm so glad that others have read this book!

    I've purchased four copies at this point and given them to friends. Only one of them has actually read it.

    Do you have any suggestions, Neuro? Recently, I decided to finally pick up the Wheel of Time series... and I want to punch children.

    I keep expecting the plot to pick up, or for the characters to stop being bland, poorly written wastes of space. I'm on the fourth god damn book and all I have gotten from it is a powerful urge to dig up Robert Jordan and tell him to give me my time back.

  11. I'll try to look that book in the only bookstore I know that imports books in English here. These days I don't have much money so I don't want to waste it.

  12. Fuck yes dubstep. My favourite part is always when it goes WUBWUBWUBWUB. =]